Rethinking wireless signal transmission

The Eridan MIRACLE Transceiver

  • Unparalleled power efficiency
  • Multi-band, software-controlled tuning range
  • Extremely precise signal generation

What goes into making a MIRACLE?

Cheap and fast electronic circuits

High-speed, low-cost digital circuits enable the Eridan transceiver module to perform complex signal decomposition and reconstruction. The MIRACLE transceiver splits up amplitude and phase generation, and then recombines the signals. The result is a highly precise output based on switching circuits, which use substantially less power than traditional linear amplifiers.

Gallium nitride

By selectively using gallium nitride for core components, one Eridan transceiver can generate any cellular signal at power, eliminating the need for traditional amplifiers.


P-mode is Eridan’s unique way of controlling signals at extremely low power. Because of the very accurate signals we can synthesize in p-mode, we enable increased data density for wireless transmissions. 


The Eridan MIRACLE transceiver has the potential to improve performance for every connected device in the world.

5-10x less power

per GB transmitted

The MIRACLE transceiver operates at 40-60% power efficiency, versus 5-20% for linear amplifier-based systems. That means that 2-5x more of the energy our transceivers use ends up as wireless signal, not waste heat. The result is lower operational costs for network equipment, and simplified equipment designs, including smaller power cabinets and lower waste heat management requirements. 

2-4x more data

in the same bandwidth

Eridan’s signal precision allow more bits to be encoded into the same signal via 16k QAM and beyond. While today’s wireless networks are currently designed to carry 6 to 8 bits at a time, via multiple waveforms in the same frequency, Eridan’s transceiver can place 14 or more bits in the same bandwidth. As a result, network operators can carry more data without increasing their spectrum usage.

50-100% more capacity

in existing spectrum

Traditional linear amplifiers generate signals that bleed over into neighboring spectrum, requiring the creation of “guard bands” to prevent interference. The MIRACLE transceiver generates little interference outside of the designated spectrum allocation. As a result, signals can be more tightly packed together within existing spectrum allocations, increasing overall network capacity.

Because our transceiver is entirely software defined, we can achieve further capacity increases through dynamic spectrum allocation. By changing frequency dynamically, the Eridan transceiver can transmit in any spectrum that is unused, updating in real time and avoiding interference with other users.

The Eridan MIRACLE transceiver has been designed from the ground up to eliminate design tradeoffs, using the latest advances in technology.


What is a DevKit?

DevKits are laboratory evaluation models of the MIRACLE Power Transceiver. They enable you to experience the capabilities and performance characteristics of our new transceiver architecture.

How do I order a DevKit?

To order a DevKit, please fill out the order request form, linked above. DevKits are $5000 per unit, payable via check, wire transfer or credit card. Please note that the DevKits are export controlled, so you’ll have to certify that you’re the final user of the units you order.

When will MIRACLE production units be available?

We expect the first production units of the MIRACLE module to be available in small quantities in early 2021.