A fully digital module like the MIRACLE has many applications.

The most relevant is 5G, with the implementation of Small Cells and Massive MIMO.

Small Cells

provide flexible infill wireless coverage with more installation flexibility; the ideal option for urban and suburban areas. 

However, small cells with analog linear amplifiers are power-inefficient compared to macro cells, expensive to permit and install, and still too large and bulky to blend into the streetscape.

Eridan’s MIRACLE module operates at an industry-leading 30-50% total transceiver efficiency at small cell output power levels. 

Small Cells in theory are more power efficient than Macro Cells.

The combination of power efficiency and precise signals means that small cells can get smaller, lighter, and easier to install, so they truly disappear into the background.

With the MIRACLE module, small cells can be more widely deployed, speeding up the global implementation of 5G. This means more coverage for every user.

Small cell installation

Massive MIMO

Macro cells enable a single cell tower to cover a broad geographic area. But in sparsely-populated rural areas, macro cells broadcast their signals over mostly empty areas, wasting power and slowing return on investment.

Legacy antennas can't take advantage of beam steering.

In combination with the MIRACLE module’s advantages in power efficiency and signal precision, the result is a game-changing approach to broadband rural cellular coverage. 

Eridan’s MIRACLE module makes 5G possible everywhere.

Massive MIMO Image

Additional applications include:


Build once, ship everywhere

Achieving global distribution for IOT devices can require a lot of SKUs. Because the MIRACLE module can be tuned in software, a single hardware model can cover the globe, vastly simplifying design, manufacturing and inventory management. Plus, Eridan’s power efficiency enables higher-bandwidth communications for the same power budget.

Defense and Public Safety

Lighten the load

Military and public safety personnel in the field can carry as many as five radios to collaborate across agencies. This equipment is heavy, expensive, and confusing to operate in stressful circumstances. With a software tuning range that covers all sub-6 GHz frequencies, the MIRACLE module can enable a single device to communicate with everyone, reducing equipment carried and simplifying coordination.

Satellite Communications

Low power and design simplification

When every ounce and inch are critical to design, the MIRACLE module provides a multi-purpose transceiver module that also reduces power consumption. A single MIRACLE module can be tuned from 600 – 3700 MHz, at power, and with 2 – 5x power efficiency advantage over competing alternatives.

And Beyond

A MIRACLE for every connected device

Across homes and roads, farms and factories, cities and beyond, the range of devices connecting to cellular networks is expanding rapidly. Eridan’s flexible, power-efficient MIRACLE module is uniquely suited to a broad range of connected applications, in devices as small as a smartphone and as large as a connected car. Because the MIRACLE module consumes 5-10x less power per gigabit transmitted, it is especially suited anywhere that battery performance is at a premium.

Interested in how Eridan’s MIRACLE Module can work in your system?