The Eridan MIRACLE is a lightweight, digital-to-RF system eliminating the need for inefficient linear power amplifiers. This is made possible by our custom-designed CMOS and GaN ICs.

We’ve packaged our technology into two form factors:

The MIRACLE Module

For power efficient massive MIMO.

Rendering of Eridan's MIRACLE Module
  • IQ Interface
  • 600 – 4200MHz tuning range
  • Integration into mMIMO
  • Phased locked to reference clock

The O-RAN Radio Unit

Lightest radio unit for outdoor small cells.

Rendering of Eridan's O-RAN Radio Unit
  • Split 7.2x
  • <5 lbs
  • 2×2 outdoor small cell
  • CBRS today, other bands upon request

First production units will be available in Q3 2024.


We have the potential to improve performance for every connected device. Below is a break-down of how we achieve that level of impact.

Our technological breakthrough is in the transmitter part of the radio. We’ve created a Switch-Mode, Direct Polar Transmitter built in Gallium Nitride.

Switched circuits are inherently efficient.

The MIRACLE system operates at 40-60% power efficiency, versus 5-20% for linear amplifier-based systems.

This is because our system takes full advantage of a transistor’s switch mode (IV curves on the left showing switching circuits vs. linear circuits). Switch mode means turning the circuit fully on, or fully off. This prioritizes the energy efficient regions of operation.

By incorporating switch mode, 2-5x more of the energy our transceivers use ends up as wireless signal, not waste heat. The result is:

  • lower operational costs for network equipment
  • simplified equipment designs including:
    • smaller power cabinets
    • lower waste heat management requirements.


IV Curve of Linear Circuits means 20% Efficient
IV Curve of Switching Circuit means 50% Efficiency
16k QAM

With 2-4x more data in the same bandwidth.

Our signal precision allow more bits to be encoded into the same signal via 16k QAM and beyond. Since the signal is cleaner, more data can be transferred across a further distance.

Today’s wireless networks are currently designed to carry 6 to 8 bits at a time, via multiple waveforms in the same frequency. The MIRACLE system can place 14 or more bits in the same bandwidth.

As a result, network operators can carry more data without increasing their spectrum usage.

Making equipment lighter and less expensive to install.


Since the MIRACLE system is more power efficient, it does not require a specialized power source or a giant heat sink, two common pain points in the installation process.

Typical linear transmitters transfer the majority of their power directly into the required heat sink. This means they also require a specialized power source to overcome the inefficiency.

These pieces of equipment are not only unattractive but also expensive to install. Our system solves both problems and can provide 3-5x lower installation costs.




Eridan Transforms the look of Small Cells