At Eridan, we’ve reached a major integration milestone. Using an Indoor Test System, we’ve successfully integrated our MIRACLE OpenRAN Radio Unit (RU) with a BlueArcus core, Radisys-based Central Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU), antenna, and User Equipment (UE). Operating at the ORAN 7.2x split, our prototype RU receives data from the core/CU/DU and successfully connects the UE to the 5G network.

Video demonstration of Eridan’s MIRACLE ORAN RU successfully integrated into an end-to-end ORAN network (using an Indoor Test System).

At Eridan, we’ve prioritized ORAN integration because of the accessibility and sustainability that it brings to telecommunications. ORAN standardizes interfaces, lowering barriers for innovations within the telecommunication space. This allows start-ups like us to bring new technologies to market and network operators to deploy the best technology at every point in the stack. This is a far more sustainable approach, especially in an ever-evolving industry. Read more about the benefits of ORAN here.

This integration has been a crucial next step as we speed towards our first product release in 2024. Our radio’s simultaneous tunability, spectral efficiency, and power efficiency is unmatched. The MIRACLE Module can cover 600-4200MHz, easily achieves 1024QAM, at up to 10W peak output power, with 40-60% total transmitter efficiency. Our prototype RU, containing the MIRACLE Module, consumes less than 40W and weighs roughly 7lbs, with further improvements coming in our first production release in 2024.

Interested in seeing the demonstration in person? Contact us to schedule a meeting at MWC Vegas in September 2023.