CEO and Co-founder Doug Kirkpatrick sitting on the MWC Barcelona spectrum panel Doug Kirkpatrick and Marie Hogan on the panel

Our CEO and co-founder Doug Kirkpatrick had the fantastic opportunity to speak on a panel at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024 regarding the spectrum requirements for 6G, titled “How much spectrum is needed for the 6G era?”. In addition to Doug, the panel included:

  • Marie Hogan, Head of 6G Portfolio Strategy, Ericsson
  • Eiman Bushra Mohyeldin, Head of Spectrum Standardization, Nokia
  • Cristina Data, Director Spectrum Policy & Analysis, Ofcom

Watch the full video here: MWC Recording (Under Watch Now, click “Yes”, and the video will load into the page).

Doug’s opinion was the following (05:06):

“From a technology perspective, we don’t need any more spectrum. The challenge is not spectrum, the challenge is pushing the technologists to give the pieces that you need. We have probably spectrum in the wrong places.


We probably need to think about what spectrum we want to use for what kinds of applications. And that probably means that we’ll need an intermediate because moving applications from one spectrum to another is not a zero-sum game. You’re going to have a transit time period in-between there, so we probably will need some intermediate amount of spectrum in order to be able to make those movements happen but when we’re done, the answer should be zero.”