Eridan exists because of the amazing people working here, so we figured we should introduce you to them. Sreyas Surendar has worked as a RF Hardware Engineer at Eridan since 2021 and this is his journey.

Sreyas Surendar with Murphy

Sreyas Surendar with Murphy at lunch in our Mountain View office.


When did you start at Eridan and how did you find out about the company? Any previous experiences?


Graduating from UT Dallas (Whoosh Comets!) with my Masters in Electrical Engineering in December 2020, my first FT job began at Eridan from May 2021.

I applied through an online job portal after reading up on the company and resonating with their values.


How would you describe Eridan? Did anything surprise you once you started working here?


The combined technical expertise of over 100 years aiming to revolutionize the operation of the humble Radio into a next generation Transceiver.

The surprising aspect here is that the technology is grounded in reality with practically achievable results and the passion of the team to realize the company’s vision.


What’s making you stay at Eridan? What future do you see with Eridan?


What’s gratifying at Eridan is being appreciated for your contribution, maintaining a great workplace morale by being extremely accommodative of the different needs of all the employees, and respecting the work-life balance thus leading to a very high degree of job satisfaction.      

The path for this technology to become an indispensable part of everyday lives is no easy feat and our relentless pursual of achieving this goal while having the right mixture of fun, memology and pet friendly environment is very rewarding 😀


Any difficult aspects about Eridan? And on the flip side, what’s the most memorable moment at Eridan so far?


As the organization grows into a mid size startup and attracts attention around the world, the need to hire the right talent aligning with our values is becoming of paramount importance. 

For an Electrical Engineer working in the lab, (Nerd Alert!) watching a clock output with low phase noise minus the sporadic spikes is kinda memorable.


How do you spend your time outside of Eridan?


Huge movie buff (MCU fanatic), Sci-Fi bibliophile, and a regular at the UFC gym practicing kickboxing helps build confidence and keeps me on my toes.



Our mission at Eridan is to connect the planet to empower a sustainable, shared future. We are achieving that goal with our revolutionary radio that decreases the cost and power required to roll out 5G by 10x. We enable affordable broadband connectivity everywhere, accelerating the adoption of technologies ranging from virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, to industrial IoT.

We are a rapidly-growing startup with a casual and energetic environment. We believe in the power of teamwork and focus to enable outsized results. | LinkedIn | Twitter