Eridan exists because of the amazing people working here, so we will be introducing you to them. Robin Barkin is a Document Controller at Eridan and this is her journey.

(Some of Eridan’s amazing ladies, from left to right: Hala, Hazal, Robin and Lilian)
When did you start at Eridan and how did you find out about the company? Any previous experiences?

I found out about Eridan via LinkedIn and got intrigued by Eridan’s RF technology and its potential to disrupt the wireless communications market.

How would you describe Eridan? Did anything surprise you once you started working here?

Eridan is fast moving and driven yet inclusive and insightful. I was surprised to be greeted the Directors of Cuteness on my first day!

What’s making you stay at Eridan? What future do you see with Eridan?

I get to work on cutting edge technology with an amazing and supportive team and leaders with the vision and drive to take wireless communication to the next level. 

Any difficult aspects about Eridan? And on the flip side, what’s the most memorable moment at Eridan so far?

We have growing-up-fast pains like any other start-up company. I’m amazed at how quickly the team pulls together to resolve issues or complete a project. And celebrate wins. 

How do you spend your time outside of Eridan?

I volunteer at my local church, read, watch documentaries and am a proud dog-aunt to my brother’s pup, Jack.