Silicon Valley, CA (May 16, 2018)

Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only startup incubator focused exclusively on solutions in silicon, announces the admission of the RF transceiver startup company Eridan Communications into the incubator.

Eridan Communications is developing RF transceiver technology for 5G software-defined power transceiver applications.  Their solution is spectrum-flexible from VHF through 6 GHz, and offers unprecedented data bandwidth-efficiency and unequalled power efficiency.  It is applicable to 5G wireless infrastructure, defense and first responder, and IoT applications.

Eridan Communications is led by CEO Doug Kirkpatrick, former Chief Scientist at DARPA, and CTO Earl McCune, former founder and CTO of Tropian.  Earl offered, “Like all startup companies, we have limited resources.  Silicon Catalyst has pulled together an excellent ecosystem of In-Kind Partners, such as Mathworks and Keysight, that provide their goods and services at no cost or dramatically reduced cost.  That’s a huge benefit for us.  In addition, the Silicon Catalyst team and their network of Advisors will help us go to market more effectively.  We’re excited to join Silicon Catalyst.”

Doug Kirkpatrick added, “We were surprised to learn of the value that the Silicon Catalyst ecosystem provides to startups such as Eridan Communications in exchange for a relatively small amount of common equity.  Eridan’s incubation by Silicon Catalyst is a terrific complement to our series-A fundraising.  We look forward to working with Silicon Catalyst to change the industry with Eridan’s RF transceiver technology.”

Silicon Catalyst founder and Chairman Rick Lazansky said, “Eridan Communications is a perfect fit for Silicon Catalyst.  They have a strong team, feasibility demonstration of a differentiated technology that will impact several significant markets, and a need to integrate their current solution into an integrated circuit.  Doug and his team are exactly the type of startup we envisioned when we started creating the Silicon Catalyst ecosystem of In-Kind Partners, Strategic Partners, Advisors, and Investors.”

About Silicon Catalyst

Silicon Catalyst is the world’s only incubator focused exclusively on semiconductor solution startups. They address the challenges faced by these startups while guiding them from idea to prototype, and then to product. In the past 30 months, Silicon Catalyst has reviewed over 200 startups from the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The 16 startups admitted to the incubator are developing innovative solutions in a variety of areas including energy harvesting, wearables, silicon photonics, memory technology, IoT, high performance computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, wireless communications, and biomedical devices.

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About Eridan Communications

Eridan’s breakthrough transceiver technology enables breathtaking wireless capabilities and allows for unprecedented communications systems performance. Combining breakthrough gallium nitride devices and a novel system architecture, Eridan is enabling a new level of spectrum efficiency, bandwidth efficiency, and power efficiency – simultaneously and without tradeoffs. With applications from 5G wireless infrastructure to handsets and from Vehicle-to-Everything to IoT, Eridan’s products will affect every facet of future wireless business. Eridan was founded in late 2013 by four Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs, has developed an extensive IP portfolio on its unique technology, and has delivered early prototypes to first systems developers.