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DevKits are laboratory evaluation models of the MIRACLE RFFE Module.


They enable you to experience the capabilities and performance characteristics of our new transceiver architecture. If you would like further information, please visit our dedicated DevKit page.

Eridan MIRACLE RFFE Module DevKit

  • MIRACLE DevKit RF board
  • MIRACLE DevKit power board
  • Power supply connector
  • 2x standoffs and 2x hex nuts
  • SD card
Performance characteristics
  • 600-4200MHz dynamic tuning range
  • Peak output power:
    37dBm (600MHz)
    34dBm (4200MHz)
  • High transmitter efficiency: 30dBm LTE downlink consumes 2WDC
  • Modulation agnostic:
    5G-NR, 4G-LTE 256QAM, 16384-

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